Für Elise Jazz Version

Für Elise Jazz Version Piano – by Pianotainment

Für Elise von Beethoven played in a Chilling Version (Fur Elise Piano Jazz Version), arranged by pianotainment in 2011. Hope you enjoy this special piece. Recorded in the bigBOX Kempten, Germany.

About Pianotainment®:

The German pianists Stephan Weh (36) and Marcel Dorn (35) comprise the duo Pianotainment®. Both began their classical piano education at the age of five, studying the piano with world renowned teachers. Since 1996, the two pianists have collaborated on their shared passion: four handed show-piano. This unique form of entertainment takes them around the globe for sold-out concerts, where they deliver not only the fast complex four handed piano they are renowned for, but also an amusing and entertaining stage show.

In 2008 they were also involved as part of the Jury in the biggest piano competition of all time. The exclusive selection committee deliberated for several days in Guangzhou, China under the auspices of the Chinese president Hu Jintao. The most sensational concert that Pianotainment® have so far performed was in the United Arab Emirates. The grand piano was set on the course of the ski hall in Dubai amidst masses of snow – it was billed as the “coolest” piano concert ever!

In 2011 they recorded their own arrangement of Für Elise Jazz Version Piano.

Fur Elise Piano Jazz Version


Pianotainment® also known as “the best piano acrobats worldwide” (China Daily). Musically talented Stephan Weh and Marcel Dorn perform around the globe with their spectacular program CRAZY CONCERT: From New York, Dubai or even Hongkong – they perform everywhere! Experience a fantastic concert with with virtuosity and humour./

Let yourself be amazed by a magical evening with virtuosity and humour. It’s for this reason that 25.000 independent show biz insiders voted the duo among the TOP TEN ENTERTAINERS (Conga Award).

The two exceptional pianists juggle classic, pop and jazz pieces effortlessly and thereby keep the balance between sophistication and show performance at all times. For Elise as a lounge version, the Flight of the Bumble Bee at record tempo, playing piano backwards or with tennis balls – an attractively varying evening is guaranteed. “Absolutely outstanding” headlines the NYT. Become delighted with crazy ideas and catchy music that you will never forget.